Holy Grail Your Truth

My Truth
My Truth

I have always been on a quest for the truth.  My truth. Cut to the bone, dyed in the wool, so help me God Truth. Ever since I can remember I wanted to know why I was what I was.  I believed totally the axiom – that truth will set you free.

Now I’m a septuagenarian I realise there is no such thing as Truth. Let me explain,  I see truth as purely subjective. My truth is not your truth and equally your truth is not mine.

Truth is truth I hear you say there can be no argument with the truth. Like the sky is blue and grass is green. We can’t argue with that, unless of course we are colour blind.

We can’t argue with scientific facts can we? After all it is proven. But I have been around long enough to see how often scientific dogma has had to back flip.

For example, as a home economist by profession,I have seen the dietary guidelines change from carbs’ being the villain in our diet to carbs’ being the hero and onto present day when carbs’ are once more on the downward spiral.  Of course we could say that is just the evolution of scientific learning.

And like science our own search for our holy grail of our inner Truth will evolve. Some will never search for the truth, it may be that they are happy with their particular status quo or it is simply too painful to explore. But a search for the authentic you – may simply be a wild guru chase unless fundamental changes are accepted and accommodated.

Our Truth is shaped by our ingrained beliefs. Just like the evolution of a crystal. Molecules gather together in a uniform and repeating pattern. The shape and characteristic of each crystal is always the same. Similarly our Truth will always be subject to our beliefs. So unless we are conscious of this and willing to test our truths with others, our take on our own truth will always be one-eyed.

Over the years I have been fortunate to work with William Whitecloud who wrote Magician’s Way and The Last Shaman.  Two of the most powerful books you could ever read.  If you are on a path to consciousness reading these will give you the tools to find your inner TRUTH.


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