As you can see my face is lined with age. In each of those soft wrinkles lies a depth of life experiences. Experiences that embraced love, laughter and travel but also those that overcame some of life’s cruellest lessons. I am an author, a speaker and seeker of wisdom. This website allows me to share with you all that I have learned along the way.



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 A Journey of Creative Healing by Amazon Reviewer :Dr Johnathon

“Personal tsunamis have occurred in people’s lives right across our planet and throughout history. For many such an event is so devastating they never recover. But that was not the case with Mary Atkins. Mary has written a beautiful, honest and inspiring story of recovery and it should be read by anyone faced with adversity.
And isn’t that everyone?
In modern society the voice of the traditional wise woman is no longer silenced. Mary speaks with confidence about the role intuition and creativity played in her transformational healing journey. Her book is thoroughly researched with citations from contemporary writers and inspirational quotes from traditional sources.
The example of Mary Atkins’ life journey is testament to the ancient Greek maxim, ‘Know thyself’–and the positive outcomes that ensue, if one has the courage to walk that path.

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