Finding Your Voice: Ten Steps to Successful Public Speaking

Finding Your Voice: Ten Steps to Successful Public Speaking

Finding Your Voice: Ten Steps to Public Speaking Have you ever been asked to address an audience? Did the prospect create butterflies in your stomach?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone! But help is on its way. Finding Your Voice: Ten Steps to Successful Public Speaking is the definitive self-help guide to presenting and public speaking. Finding Your Voice provides a comprehensive step-by-step approach to becoming an effective speaker covering a range of public speaking challenges. Learn the importance of sound planning, how to speak from your heart to powerfully connect with your audience, manage stage fright; make the most of audio equipment and more. It also includes inspirational advice from some of Australia’s celebrity speakers.

Organised in two sections, Part One covers the ten confidence-building steps to becoming a successful speaker. Part Two provides practical tips for the ten most common speaking assignments from proposing a toast, the responsibilities of an emcee and presenting a eulogy, through to workshop presentations, debates, formal speeches, media presentations and chairing meetings.

No matter what the occasion Finding Your Voice: Ten Steps to Successful Public Speaking will help turn your good ideas into great speeches.

Celebrity Tips:

Be conversational and interesting. If you’re someone who gets nervous, find a good way to relax. If you’re a chatterbox, learn some verbal discipline.  Simon Marnie, Broadcaster, ABC Radio

Remember the last time you were shit-scared about something but pulled through? You’ll be fine.  Adam Spencer, Triple J Presenter and Author

Be enthusiastic, for there is nothing engaging that genuine enthusiasm. Have fun. Lyndey Milan OAM, Media Personality

To present a workshop you need to be passionate. Passionate about presenting, passionate about the subject and most of all passionate about the flow of knowledge from presenter to audience. Tania Atkins, Educator, Actor and Award Winning Director.


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