A Journey of Creative Healing

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A Journey Of Creative Healing

*Available February 2018*

Can you recover from life’s serious setbacks, or even debilitating illness, by exploring daily creative projects? One woman, now in remission from multiple sclerosis for several decades, explores how she regained good mental and physical health by acting on a powerful intuitive message.

‘I need to put my focus on being creative. Yes, a creative project. I need to create something new each day. It doesn’t matter what – I simply need to focus on the planning and joy of creativity.’                                                                                             

Mary Atkins was a young mother of two small children when her husband was tragically killed in a light aircraft accident. Her body, already exhibiting signs that something was amiss, bore the brunt of this tragedy and at the age of 27 she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Doctors told her she would be wheelchair-bound within months.

But that’s not what happened.

Instead, Mary recovered. Her journey to wellness began when she acted on a powerful intuitive voice that suggested she undertake a strict daily program of creative expression – to plan, create or do something she had never done before. Her daily creative projects were diverse: from music appreciation to creative writing, from cookery to crafts and physical activity. Within twelve months she could once again walk without aids. She has now been in full remission from MS for more than fifty years.

In A Journey of Creative Healing, Mary shares her remarkable story – and those of other survivors who have endured equally debilitating emotional and physical shocks – and reveals how listening to your intuitive voice, exploring creativity in all its guises, can deliver recovery from overwhelming grief and profound illness. By following her six steps to healing Mary believes you too can find your way home to health.

Through an examination of the latest medical research and real-life stories of remission and recovery you’ll find out how to

  • Get in tune with your spirit
  • Focus on what your heart loves
  • Explore creativity to help overcome grief and profound illness
  • Create what you love by developing your intuition
  • Employ simple strategies to deepen your intuition


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