Losing You

Losing You

Losing You a novel -After the birth of her second child, Kate Sinclair’s life is shattered when her young husband is killed in a plane crash in London. Her grief is compounded by the guilt of rejecting his sexual advances the night before he died and desperate to feel loved again, she embarks on a disastrous liaison that leave her family and friends uneasy with worry. Kate is unwilling to face her grief and its consequences until her deteriorating health and the growing concern of her family and friends force her to see a doctor leading to a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Determined that it is simply her body’s way of shutting down from the pain of losing her husband and the responsibility of becoming a sole parent, Kate’s attempt to refocus and deal with the disease on her own terms while raising two young children leads to unexpected results and perhaps another chance at love and life.

Set in England, Australia and the Bahamas during the swinging sixties, it is an insight into how urban society’s attitudes towards sex outside of marriage, unmarried mothers and illegitimacy shaped the lives of women at the time.

Losing You is a rich and complex novel. Deeply moving it is a story of the courage of the human spirit in overcoming adversity and the redemptive power of love.

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