Losing You

Losing You

Following the birth of her second child, Kate Sinclair’s life is shattered when her young husband is killed in a plane crash. Her grief is complicated by an overwhelming sense of guilt. She takes the children to Australia to meet their paternal grand parents. But here in a harbour suburb of Sydney, she finds no comfort with her in-laws. She only feels a release from her grief is when she is in the arms of a man. Her unwillingness to face her damaging lifestyle and rapidly deteriorating health causes her family and friends to force her to seek medical help.

Kate rejects the neurologist’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. She believes her illness is the consequence of grief and exhaustion from caring for two infants. Her intuition prompts her to rest and do something creative every day. Eighteen months later, her doctors declare they can find no sign of the disease. Kate declares she is completely healed.

A holiday with the children in the Bahamas leads to a second chance at love.

The novel is set in England, Australia and the Bahamas during the swinging sixties. The book gives an insight into how urban society’s attitudes towards sex outside of marriage, unmarried mothers and illegitimacy that shaped the lives of women.

Losing You is a story of the courage of the human spirit in overcoming adversity.


I really enjoyed this book by Mary Atkins. I could feel the grief and loss, I loved the window into life in England in the 60’s and the pictures painted of Sydney at that time. A great read at a time I just needed to relax. Escapism but by no means a light-weight. Great depth and insight into grief and recovery. BerniDee


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