Friday Tips

microphone7 Tips for Presenting Workshops to Adults.

  1. Understand that we all learn in different ways, develop plans and strategies to help adults learn. Importantly we need to feel free to direct our own learning process.
  2. Adults have a lot at risk when trying new behaviours or attempting new skills. Be supportive.
  3. Adults do not like long periods of inactivity, keep the lectures short and involvement long.
  4. Be sensitive, new information or ideas that conflict with beliefs take longer for us to absorb.
  5. Adults are goal-orientated.
  6. The physical environment is important – to learn effectively adults need to feel comfortable and relaxed.
  7. Like children, adults  gain considerably from positve re-inforcement.

Recommend: Research Adult Learning Principles 

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New fiction writers information – Show it Don’t Tell it

Read Jessica Bell’s  Show & Tell in a Nutshell   (or visit her blog)

Visit Write to Done blog and devour How to show (not tell) A writing lesson from John LeCarre

Visit The Write Practice and practice The Secret to Show Not Tell  penned by Joe Bunting


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