New Beginnings

Neil, Mary, Jo - Nassau 1967
Neil, Mary, Jo  Nassau 1967

So little voice of my intuition what will you give me to write about today?

New beginnings.’

‘New beginnings?’

Yes new beginnings,‘ the quiet voice of spontaneous consciousness says, ‘but what is obvious about that Mary?’

‘Well, new beginnings mean something is ending.’


‘Well often to end, to leave, to finish and turn your back on the old to make a new start is a drawn out and painful process.’

Does change need to be painful?’

‘I think real change does. Without the impetus of the stone in the shoe one would continue on. In my opinion there has to be discomfort.’


‘I see you’re determined to keep me honest. No not discomfort I mean pain, searing, tearing aching pain of the ego. It is this crucible that facilitates change.’

Like the phoenix rising from the ashes?

‘Yes the courage of heart-rending painful work on the road to closure is always rewarded by new beginnings.’

Yes Mary unparalleled, uncharted and beyond your wildest imagination new beginnings.’



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